A Complete Fulfillment Connectivity Solution

Labtricity is a complete solution for connecting fulfillers to a broad range of ordering applications.

The Labtricity network is part of the PhotoReflect family of digital ordering platforms that service professional photographers, consumers, and businesses. Labtricity and PhotoReflect have been leading the way in photo commerce applications, websites, cloud services, and networks for over 20 years.

For professional photo labs, Labtricity is a proven tool to help you grow your business and automate your fulfillment workflow.

Labtricity 2.0 Is Here!

Labtricity is moving into its next chapter with a substantial new release.

Along with the latest technologies and new features, this release brings the best ordering solutions we have ever offered.

As part of Labtricity 2.0 we are excited to show off our new web ordering solution.

Marketplace Storefronts

Our web ordering platform is called Marketplace Storefronts. These white-label Shutterfly like websites will drive new customers to your lab. Use them to create your own Lab Storefront for professional photographer ordering, and/or create direct-to-consumer marketplaces.

Your fulfillment services can be used in many Marketplaces and with many price points. Some labs use the site to create their own MPIX like competitor, while others use them to land brand partners.

We also work with many third party customers launching their own Marketplaces and need fulfillment partners to provide the products for their customers. So we rely on our Labtricity network labs to deliver these services.

Software Improvements

We also focused our attention on the professional ordering software that is free to download and distribute to your customers. Automated template delivery, Drop out tools, PNG support, Template Designer and many more features have been added to the Studio Software.


Compatibility is still our highest priority. So any existing installations are supported. We have also worked with our Darkroom Software partner to make sure any their customers can take advantage of the new Labtricity. Labtricity can also support the new features that are part of the Darkrooms continued improvements.

Flexable Workflow

Use Labtricity Server as your render engine or integrate it into any existing workflow. We have tools and techniques that let you easily adapt them to any proprietary solutions.

There is no limit to what you can do with Labtricity, Marketplace Storefronts and the great products and services you provide.