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Labtricity is a digital connectivity solution designed to connect professional digital photographers to digital-enabled professional labs. The automated approach to creating an order, pricing the order, transacting the order, transmitting the order and fulfilling the order provides significant added value to both professional photographers and digital labs. The benefits of Labtricity include cost and time savings, increased profits, business growth, increased return on investment, improved workflow, extended service and a competitive differentiator.

Photographer Software
The Express Digital Lab Edition software enables the professional photographer to connect and communicate with a Labtricity lab. Through this lab connectivity, the photographer can create, package and transmit a print order to any Labtricity partner lab. In addition, the Lab Edition software allows the photographer to confirm lab capabilities such as available print sizes, enhancements and premium services.

Lab Software
The Labtricity fulfillment server software resides at the lab and is responsible for receiving, proofing and printing the lab order transmitted using the Lab Edition software. Each print order is received, processed and sent to a print queue and awaits fulfillment by a supported digital printing device. The Labtricity fulfillment server software consists of three distinct functions, including order receipt, order proofing and editing and order fulfillment.

Color Management
Labtricity takes the first steps in addressing the challenges associated with color management. The ICC color profiles as supplied by the manufacturers for all of the supported input and output devices are contained with in the Labtricity software. The lab and the photographer also have the ability to insert their own custom ICC color profiles. Furthermore, Labtricity enables the lab to create individual ICC color profiles for photographers who do not already have them. Each time the photographer transmits an order to the partner lab, the appropriate photographer color preference can be applied throughout the fulfillment process.

PhotoReflect Internet Storefront
PhotoReflect Storefronts provide Labtricity labs the ability to deliver greater added value to the photographers they do business with. By providing a PhotoReflect Storefront, photo labs enable the photographer to communicate, market and sell their images 24/7. Orders generated through the on-line storefront can be fulfilled directly by the Labtricity lab. PhotoReflect Storefronts are the perfect way for labs and photographers to grow your businesses simultaneously.

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