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Labtricity Software
The Labtricity Network requires Express Digital software to be properly installed in the Lab and at the Photographer’s studio.
Software at the Lab
Labtricity Server:
The Labtricity Server software is the primary component of the Labtricity Network. It serves two very important functions; digital print production and connectivity to photographers.
Digital Print Production + Connectivity
The Labtricity Server software is responsible for receiving, proofing, editing and printing the lab order received from the photographer’s Lab Edition software. Each order is received, processed and sent to a digital printer. The Labtricity Server is an open architecture solution, which prints directly to the industry’s best digital printers including Noritsu, Fuji, Agfa, Kodak and Epson.
Labtricity Workstation:
As your lab business grows, so can your Labtricity Network. Labtricity Workstations can be added to your Labtricity Server software to help you mange your digital success. Separate networked stations can be set up to load, proof, edit or retouch orders more efficiently so you can keep up with the volume and maximize your digital printing investment. Our scalable solution is designed to fit any size fulfillment business.
Software at the Studio
Connecting to the Lab has never been easier with any one of our software titles specifically targeted to professional or advanced amateur photographer.
Software for Professionals:
All of our pro series software titles can be sold as Lab Edition (LE), Workstation or Complete packages. LE software versions print only to Labtricity connected labs for fulfillment. Workstation and Complete software versions can print locally in addition to Labtricity connected labs for fulfillment.
Sports & Event
Workflow software for the
Action Sports and Event Photographer
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Portrait & Wedding
Workflow software for the
Portrait Studio and Wedding Photographer
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