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Labtricity is the tool that allows your photographers to Talk Digital with your lab. It provides your photographers with a complete software solution to digitally capture, manage, enhance, present and fulfill orders using the power of your lab. Partner with your digital photographers by offering them the best workflow software in the industry, being used by thousands of photographers each day.

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to digital workflow. That is why Labtricity is connected to a variety of software packages targeted to meet the digital workflow demands of each type of photography.
Whether your photographers specialize in Sports & Event, Portrait & Wedding or School & Group, Labtricity provides the tools your lab needs to satisfy thier digital workflow demands. Labtricity even provides an easy-to-use connected software package targeted to the fast-growing segment of advanced amateurs and digital camera enthusiasts.

Your photographers can easily create orders electronically without the hassle of manual cropping cards, work order envelopes and glassines. Your photographers prepare digital lab orders quickly and accurately using the power of the Labtricity connected spftware packages. Orders can be sent electronically over the Internet to the lab or burned onto a CD or DVD for delivery to the lab. Either way, Labtricity maximizes the power of digital photography with the familiar service and quality of your lab.

1. PARTNER with Your Photographer
Your lab provides the photographer the right software to manage his or her digital workflow and connect to your lab

2. Your photographer SHOOTS digital
They shoot the event or photo session using the leading digital cameras on the market today

3. Your Photographer CREATES order
He or she electronically or hard-copy proof his or her work with his or her customer and take the order within minutes of shooting

Benefits for Your Digital Photographers
Capture, organize, preview, edit and enhance all digital images
Easily create a huge array of specialty photo products
Establish and sell custom photo packages
Quickly and accurately prepare digital lab orders
Use the Internet to send fully rendered orders to your lab
Burn lab orders to CD or DVD
Archive images to CD for safe storage
Improve your complete digital workflow
Save considerable time and money
Increase sales revenues and profits
Eliminate shipping charges
Manage order fulfillment and generate sales reports
System Requirements
The recommended system requirements for the digital studio running the Express Digital Lab Edition software titles is as follows:
PC (or comparable laptop) with Pentium processor (1.0 GHz) or better
Microsoft Windows 98 SE/2000/XP PRO
512 MB RAM
40 GB hard drive (or more depending on storage requirements)
15" SVGA monitor or better, 32-bit color at 1024x768 resolution
CD-ROM and CD-RW drive
Picture Card Reader (Compact Flash, MicroDrive or PCMCIA)
Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity
Firewire (IEEE 1394) connectivity-OHCI compliant
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
Broadband Internet Connection (DSL, ISDN, Cable, or T1)

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