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Labtricity Private Networks
Receive orders only from digital photographers with in your exclusive Private Network

Provide lab connectivity and print fulfillment to professional photographers or studios that are members of your own Labtricity Private Network. The lab distributes a Lab Edition (LE) version of Express Digitalís photographer workflow software that best meets the needs of the individual photographer or studio. This LE software provides Private Network connectivity to your lab only.

Each order that is created and fulfilled through the Labtricity Private Network is assessed a usage fee. The usage fee is a points system based upon the sizes of the prints ordered. For each Private Network order printed by the lab, the total number of points is deducted from the account of points pre-purchased by the Labtricity lab.

Private Network Labtricity labs pre-purchase points in amounts necessary to satisfy on going print volume for their participating photographers. One point is equivalent to one 8x10 unit. Other point values vary in relationship to the corresponding print size. Examples are as follows:

Print Size Point Value
8 x 10 1 point
5 x 7 ½ point
4 x 6 ½ point
4 x 5 ¼ point
3½ x 5 ¼ point
11 x 14 1½ points
16 x 20 4 points
24 x 36 8 points
T- Shirt, Mouse Pad 1 point
Mug ½ point
4 x 8 Tab Greeting Card ½ point

Private Network points may be purchased in the increments listed below:

Point Volume Pricing per Point
5,000 $0.10
10,000 $0.07
25,000 $0.04
100,000 $0.02

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